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    Thread: phoning the Uk

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      phoning the Uk

      I can't find the thread on phoning the UK, what codes to use for landlines and mobiles.

      Many thanks for any replies

      Di x

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      Phoning the UK

      Hi Diane

      The code for ringing the UK is 001144 then the area code minus the 0 then the number. It is the same for ringing mobiles just delete the 0. We buy a card from the post office called Ozcall. It is really cheap to ring the UK.

      See you Friday.

      Paula x
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      We have a Telstra home phone line and the $10 per month deal for telephoning the Uk

      Took me a while to work it out, but you have to dial 011 44 then your number minus the first 0 .....

      Hope that helps!
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      Welcome to Adelaide, isnt it lovely.
      To phone home phones 00 11 44 then local code but leave out the 0.
      Mobiles +44 then leave out the 0
      Laura x
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      We use the "Daybreak" voucher to ring the UK. $20 lasts for hours!

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      If you're using a call card such as Daybreak to call the UK, then this is a very handy site to bookmark - http://www.saynoto0870.com/ - as, if you try to call a bank or building society for example with one of their 0845 numbers, it will eat up your call card credit like hot frogcakes! This site enables you to find a proper STD number equivalent to use: It's been invaluable for me over the years!

      If you want to send a text message to a UK mobile then put the number in with a +44 at the beginning - followed by the number minus the first 0. For them to send you back it's +61 etc etc....
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      Calling cards are ace...we're complete converts. have used several now and gone back to the day and night one.
      We use an optus wireless landline and are only charged 16c for any national call, so that's all it costs above the calling card costs....aparently you have to watch if you're outside adelaide (which we are in victor harbor) if you call adelaide it's charged as a national not local number, so if you're like me and spend 120 minutes on one call to the uk the cost of your call to adelaide could mount up....it's good to talk xx

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      We use Boost Home Phone card lasts ages...just another one to choose from. Get them from post offices,newsagents, Central Market stall & I'm sure numerous other places.


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