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      The Bowmans
      Hi Stu

      Just wanted to say congratulations on your sponsorship - that seems to be the quickest part for everyone.

      Good luck with your DIAC application.

      Deena :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by dglamoore View Post
      hmmmm we used Go Matilda and Lorraine done our visa application too. We had a hold up when the CO requested a form 80 from us so seems she has a short memory

      Good idea to have it filled in ready just in case - easy form just very very long winded Mind you that seems to go for most of the DIAC paperwork!!

      Thanks Lisa

      I have to speak to Lorraine tomorrow so I will certainly be questioning this one.

      How long was the hold up - it could actually be the delay we needed in the process, although I imagine by that stage we will just be wanting to know we had the visa.

      Thanks for the info


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      Well done SA Sponsorship is now your.

      Re Form 80, our agent advised us to complete them in case they were requested, so we completed them and sent with the DIAC forms.

      Hope this helps some.

      Our agent did say that they are not always requested tho, but he prefers to be prepared.

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      The CO requested this along with additional tax info and we were told it was due to Greg being self employed but have noticed a lot of people seem to get them requested :o

      Me being me I had the form filled in the same day and back to the agent so did not hold it up by much:)



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