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      oh my god i can only guess that too many of you are stuck at home reading a daily morning paper - now they are depressing reading - or you truly have miserable existences

      i will NOT miss one thing ONLY - people who moan for moanings sake - whinging pommes :p- got a staff room full of the negative types - england has given my 41 years of priveleges - i stated aged 18 with a bicycle and a girlfriend at college - 23 years later i leave with that same girl 2 kids a nice bag of money all because i passed some exams in education because i took the opportunites free education allowed me, good health because i can rely on the nhs free of charge in times of need and further more im watching my own 2 kids thrive because..........they have positive outlooks, modest expectations and they have been brought up to work hard and play hard - the christian ethic apparently but i dont do religion cos that is so full of hypocracy and snobbery.......

      all of a sudden people arrive in oz and become postive modest living on the beach happy people............

      i dont think so and thats why 50% dont cut it down under - be good to do a longitudinal study over 5 years to identify the personality types who prosper

      sorry ill get my coat and let you get back to your unhappy lives in the uk - my last word

      if you cant make a good life in the uk for yourselves then i wud doubt a better country full of opportunities exists........

      its not all about material possessions - stuff that id far rather be happier in my work my family life and my surfing - oh i sound like an australian mindset -

      every country has good bad and indifferent - unfortunately i believe the uk has the highest % of people who see only the negative

      now get a life you dont wanna be playing golf for ever :D

      mooch hows it going - ill be back online on arrival so warn tinnypoo ill be scrounging food and tea bags til i start the kangaroo hunting business....

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      ralph n bev
      I dont really know the answer to this ,
      we already have good family time together, we make it.
      We already have an outdoor lifestyle, we camp when nice weather , take the caravan when not, there are some lovely places to visit in Britain.
      Granted we are having a rubbish summer , and its spoiling peoples spare time .
      Ralph has never been out of work , he's good at his job , the little building company we have does well.
      We live on a nice cul-de-sac in a nice part of the village.
      The twins go to a good state primary,small classes, that still does sports days , Easter cards , and celebrates Christmas with nativity plays.
      Our 12 year old has settled into state high school, which is our catchment area school but the best , in this area.
      I could go on but im sure people would just think Woop dee doo for you!!

      What I'm trying to say is , sometimes I dont know why i want to go,
      I think , and i say its for the kids futures , cos i dont like the way this country is going,
      that i dont like how p/c. everything has become, that whole families are bieng brought up with no work ethic over here, blah blah blah.
      That were letting all unsundery in without medical checks or police checks, that the N.H.S. is being run into the ground etc etc
      But we have prospered over here , and we dont have a bad life. We have a good one.
      Before we go any where we have to make sure its what we really want, going for the reccie without the children , hopefully, will give us an idea .
      Thing is every country has its problems , its up to you what you make of it.
      If we do make the move, we want it to work , like everyone else does.
      If we do go , it has to work, we are a strong family unit , and i think thats the most important thing.
      Moving to the otherside of the world wont make you a stronger family , if you cant find the time now ,( unless you get a better payed job with less hours)It s like having a baby to save a marriage!!
      When we started this whole process just after Christmas, if we could have gone that month, i would have. Now after joining Ad Brits and now this site , you realise that its not all roses, and i think thats a good thing. Its good to read the negatives as well as the possitives, to get an all round balanced view.
      God look at the time!! My 93 year old gran will be waiting for her weekly shower !!
      Least i wont have that to do anymore:D

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      Exactly the same here Bev:)

      We have worked hard for what we have in the UK, but its got to a point now where we seem to have to work alot harder to pay the way for others . If we are struggling to take the next step up the property ladder now, what will it be like in 10 - i5 years time when my girls want to make their first tentative steps on it too!

      You can make a list of the things that make you want to leave the UK, and do the same for things that make you want to stop, and if the first list is longer than the second , then a decision has to be made. Thats what we did!

      Yeah , we`ll miss our family and friends, and all the other things that are quintesentially English, but the time has arisen( and the oppurtunity) that we can try something else, and if we don`t do it now the oppurtunity will not come again.

      I`m not getting any younger ;)

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      tiger fan
      i think maybe what i said upset a few people!!!! i love this country and 2 of my kids are staying here for the time being.my husband and myself have worked damned hard and we dont have a bad life. we know its not going to be all sweetness and light in oz but we also realise that this country is not going to improve if things dont change!!!! dont tell me you've never moaned about the waiting list on the nhs! or maybe youre lucky enough not to have needed it, either because you enjoy good health or you have a good private health insurance scheme. maybe your child has never had to live in one room with their partner and a child because the waiting list is so long for a decent house or flat, and yes that maybe a problem that they are responsible for, but then again it may not!!!! i work in a hospital environment and see war veterans struggling to manage and many people just dont seem to care that the reason we have the freedom to live as we do is down to their sacrifices. sorry but some off the comments really have made me cross and upset me so maybe i oughtto close this before i get thrown off for saying something i'll really regret

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      It hasn`t upset me Tigerfan, If I felt as strongly as you it would make me even more determined to go (and that would be pretty determined :D)

      I feel alot for what you saying, my mom is 72, lives in a ground floor flat and gets pestered nightly by the local yobs. The council, police etc ain`t doing nothing and its making her life a misery:(

      I`ve asked if she wants to come with us, but she says she wants to stop here with the rest of my family:(

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      ralph n bev
      Tiger fan you never upset me either , everyone is entitled to there own oppinion after all.
      I could really rant on and sound like a candidate for the local B.N.P. but i wont,
      having just driven through Dewsbury to my grans house!!

      I could complain about the way that all the people who couldnt be bothered insuring there houses ,( yet could still afford booze fags bingo) are getting bailed out . Given grants etc cos of the floods.
      I think the police ought to check their car insurance too, cos you can bet any thing there not insured either!! or taxed!!

      I could comment about the fact that my gran who worked and saved and payed into a pension all her life, had to sell her house to pay for care, gets a reduced pension and less entitlements, than her friend and husband, who never saved , or payed into a pension, lived in council property, and are better off than her now !!

      About people that get there selfs in debt with loans and credit cards then declare themselfs bankrupt and get it all wiped off, fine , they cant be a company director!!!, for so many years, as if, or get a mortgage (probably never had one) but so what they maxed everything and had a great time , so back to signing on and getting there rent paid!!

      These and many more things annoy me .

      We talk about the housing prices, yes they are a lot cheaper in Adelaide, but there slowly going up, and they seem cheap cos a lot of us have got big deposits to put down.

      But talk to Aussies on Aussie wages and there not that cheap!!

      But this happens all over the world , not just here in Britain .

      When we , if we, do move we shall work damn hard , but we know we will be worse off financially untill Ralph gets his licences and builds up his good reputation again.
      I dont have to work here, well i do the books and v.a.t. ,and 1 day a week i work for the Youth Offending Team.Sort my gran out 1 day , and sort my lot out full time!!
      In oz i will probably have to find a job , but im looking forward to that as it will get me mingling with the locals!!
      I just think somepeople are so blinkered and think everthing is going to be easy , better, than here.
      Life is what you make it.
      Good luck to everyone making the move,
      here endeth the rant .

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      Muppetbro- I think if anyone needs to get thire bible out and have a read or @ least talk to someone of faith its you, As you cerainly seem to have a problem in some area of your life if the continualy agressive nature of your posts is anything to go by.

      You say you are only going to miss one thing - people whp moan for moanings sake - shinning poms, but having read most of your posts I can't remember you having said anything positive on any subject - isn't this beeing a whinning pom.

      I pearsonaly find this forum very helpfull. It provides usefull imformation, humor and suppor. It gives us the oppertunity to vent when we are having a bad day, look @ things from a different point of view, learn new facts and attitudes, have a laugh and make new freinds.

      We all need to let of steam @ times their is nothing wrong with that. We all have different oppinions but manage to express them in a freindly positive way without the continual agression that seems to be present in every day life in england @ the moment.

      Their have been some very positive things said about the UK on this thread but it seems to me we all want somthing more from life and are trying to do somthing posotive to find it.

      We are a normal family who work hard and play hard. Our children go to a state school, not private, we dont go abroad on holiday, we caravan in britan,we dont eat out often or go out drinking every W/E and we try to go to church once a week. I wouldnt say we had a truly miserable existance but I would say life is becoming a continual grind.

      We feel as if everything about our lives is comming under attack. We are being taxed out of existance and our life style choices are being attacked on every side. From me being a stay at home mum to our faith.

      Bible baised christiianityis not a religion, by the way, it is a way of life, the basdis of which is NOTwork hard play hard. Our faith is very important to us and it upsets us to see it continualy knocked. Yet people who havent given it a chance seem quite happy to critisize things they know nothing about. There is a lot of good sense in the bible if you study it closely. This dose not make me some arey fary happy clappy nutter. It just changes my focus and prioritys in life. I still have to live in the real world and I still get things very very wrong @ times.

      However we now feel we no longer have time to sit back relax, look @ the roses and smell the coffe. We feel that the oppertunitys you are so quick to extole are no longer there for our children.

      We are teaching them right from wrong and to have a possitive outlook on life but even they can see that life in britan is being skeewed towards people who are rude, obnoxious and break the law. He who shouts loudest and all that. They dont think this is fair and neither do we.

      We dont think that AU will be the promised land but we hope and pray that we will be able to spend more time together as a family in a more relaxed laid back attmosphere.

      There are still things we will misss about the UK but are trying to change our lives positivly and value the oppertunity to air our veiws and take on board othe peoples, Without contiual agression and condemnation.

      I hope you find everything you want in AU and that it will give you the oppertunity to send your life in the direction you want it to go but dont knock other people for trying to do the same, as you dont as yet know which 50% you will be in.

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      nickey and neill
      i respect everyones own point of view, but muppetbro i am genuinely interested to know , why, as you so obviously love the uk......... are u going back to oz?? ( or have i misunderstood u? cant quite work out where u are at moment! )

      tiger fan..... your views are spot on in my opinion...i also work for the nhs- still a nursing student in fact... and it is really hard not to become dispondent with what is going on there!

      im a positive hardworking person who has had to work hard to get out of life what i want............my attitude will not be any different in oz either! ....so hopefully we will all get want we want out of our moves to adelaide, and none of us should be judged for having strong opinions as to why we want to go there!

      good luck to all!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by muppetbro View Post
      now get a life you dont wanna be playing golf for ever
      Better playing something where you play with friends than surfing on your own. ;)

      Quote Originally Posted by ali@51 View Post
      You say you are only going to miss one thing - people whp moan for moanings sake - shinning poms, but having read most of your posts I can't remember you having said anything positive on any subject - isn't this beeing a whinning pom.

      Muppet Bro. You state that you don't like hypocrites. I would agree with you. I feel this is one of the worst traits in a person. However, you state and I quote...... "i dont do religion cos that is so full of hypocracy" and yet you start your post with, and I quote again "oh my god ......." Three words spring to mind 'pot' 'black' and 'kettle'.:D

      I'm not religious in any shape or form. We have had naming ceremonies for all our children instead of christnings/baptisms. However, I would not slate anyone else for having religious views and I certainly wouldn't do it on a public forum.


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      tiger fan
      thanks to everyone that had an opinion on this, yes even muppetbro!!! i couldnt figure out where he was or where he wanted to be either! i'm glad i'm not alone in the way ifeel.having read muppetbros comments i spent most of today feeling unsettled as if there was something wrong with me but finally i decided that he's not going to change my opinion with his rants. then i found all the other comments and now i feel better:D.life isnt perfect and moving to oz wont make it that way, but having spent 20 odd years bringing up kids we feel that now its our turn and we want to spend our time together in a place that has the values( or some of them) that england used to have.i actually feel a little sorry for muppetbro as he's leaving behind such a perfect life i feel sure he'll be disappointed.


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