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      I've started packing suitcases!

      Hey everyone,

      Well today I have started packing the cases. Can't believe it has come round so quick. We leave the UK on Saturday - our flight is at 10.05pm.

      I am knackered (already!) from organising and last few days of 'goodbyes' have got me quite upset. Aaron, my eldest (5), has his last day at school tomorrow - I know I am going to cry in the playground! He has some friends coming round afterwards to try and distract him from being too upset. He was really excited about the whole thing but these last few weeks he has been saying he is scared and doesn't want to leave his friends. I am having visions of having to drag him on to the plane kicking and screaming.

      The other two, James (2) and Leo (1) are too young to know what is going on. I'm feeling absolutely terrible about taking them away from my husband's parents (for those that don't know, my parents are in Glenelg!). I can't even think about those goodbyes on Saturday.

      This all seems negative what I have written but we are all still excited at the same time! We are really looking forward to seeing our family out there and to starting our new adventure. Just have to get past this horrible bit first.

      Jo xxx
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      I have the same worry about the playground ! I really don't want to cry as it will upset the kids. I wish you could buy the ability to be brave and hold it together. If you could i would buy tonnes of it, so i could get through the goodbyes.
      I am sure you will be fine.
      Good luck Deb xx

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      At 5 years old he will settle well, when you watch him running in the park or playing on the beach with the other two, then it will all become clear, and seem so far away to these thoughts now.

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      Its all going to be tough but just let it go , answer the kids questions ......even at a young age i recon its better to be honest, our Owen didnt shed a tear untill we got into the taxi for the airport then he just burst, he bottled up everything.........so if the kids want to let it out ...........and more importantly so must you ....crying in the play ground who cares its a tough time with emotions all over the shop so letting it out small bits at a time will clear your head for when you arrive.
      You have some hard times ahead but with some hard work and determination it will all be worth it.....good luck Adelaide awaits:)

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      Hi, I know how it feels, I had the last day at school just before Feb half term and flooded the playground .................. along with my sons teachers i might add! But it does really help to get it out of your system, and my son put his arm round me and said 'it's all right mum, we can talk to them on the computer'.............bless.

      But I really tried hard not to say 'goodbye', just 'see you soon', it really seemed to help me, as I couldn't get my head round goodbye!

      Goodluck with your journey, and I'm sure all will be fine, perhaps we'll run into you in Glenelg,

      Take care, Anna

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      It's such a stressful time. I picked my son up from school on his last day and he just ran into my arms sobbing - needless to say I was sobbing too! The goodbyes are so heart wrenching.
      I phoned my parents from Heathrow to let them know we had arrived safe from Edinburgh and we were just about to board to Singapore and I was so choked up I could hardly speak - but once I got on the plane I felt quite excited.
      I skype my family regularly and it's always good - we have a laugh and catch up. I've only been here since 30 Nov so it's early days but so far so good - we all love it.
      Good luck - it's worth it.


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