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    Thread: To stay in Uk or head to Australia?

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      This is a difficult one. You may want to do that old thing where you list the pros and cons. I think it is normal to have the emotional rollacoaster. One day your positive and the next your unsure. I know things your not sure about could get amplified when your here. For us here weve started making our lives here and are generally positive, but this is your life. I personally am so happy now. Our list of negatives for the UK was massive and the pros were mainly just family. Good luck either way with what you decide.
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      It is a very hard decision and one that my mother had to make. Here's the story....
      Back in 1977 we were all supposed to move to Adelaide. My father came ahead in Feb to start his job with one of my sisters and one of my brothers. The rest of us were to follow when the house had been sold and the older ones had finished their A levels and O levels in June. My father ended up having a nervous breakdown and sent letters back to my mum saying don't come etc. By this time we were committed though. My mother was very worried and rather than take the older ones out of school when they were close to finishing to a maybe disaster she arranged for them to stay with my aunt to finish school, take further exams etc. It was the hardest thing she has ever had to do to sign the form that stated they would be giving up their right to emigrate.

      My mum and I however left in September sailing the high seas and arrived in the October. Things were not as bad as my father had made out, he just found it difficult to cope here without her support. he did though within the first year try to commit suicide. Anyways things settled. The brother and sis who were here finished school two years later. My sister went back to England to Art school. My brother lived here for many years got Aus citizenship, met a Danish girl backpacking here, married her and moved to Denmark.

      All of the three who stayed in England came for a holiday or working visa. They returned to Uk. The oldest got a job here in SA and emigrated. My sister emigrated after university in her own right and my remaining brother we got in by him being the last remaining member. The sister who went to Art school in England returned and has lived in Australia ever since.
      Today only one sister, my mother and I live in Aus. My father died bout 14 yrs ago and my brother recently. The others live in Saudi, Denmark and England. All have aus citizenship but have moved for work.
      When my brother got sick last year with cancer all my siblings were able to come and be with him before he died. They know when the call comes you just get on a plane and keep upto date passports. This was decided when my father died suddenly and some of them hadn't seen him for quite a few years.

      If we had stayed in England, each brother and sister would have gone away to uni and followed where work took them anyway. Who knows if my parents would have stayed together? But 30 years down the track we would with surety be leading our lives and there is no guarentee that life will follow a path you think it will anyway. You have to live your life, your kids will surely live theirs and may move away from you anyway.
      Friend of mine says her mother actually sees more of her grandchildren here than the ones in the Uk cos she comes for blocks of weeks at a time. Her Gkids in UK she sees sporadically, cos life gets busy and sometimes doesn't leave time for visiting gparents what with work and other commitments.

      Only you can decide. It is very natural to get cold feet, it is a massive step in anyone's life.
      For me with my kids approaching end of teens, i know they may have to move from here to follow their work, but hey I've been used to living globally for a while, the other side of the world is a day away.
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