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      the dobsons

      good hairdresser

      hi all

      well we will finaly arrive in adelaide to start our new life on the 5 /april/ 09 . gone through every emotion possible i think, but i would just like you all to know my wife ( tracey ) is a hairdresser ( who specialises in colours ) and will be starting work at henley palladium hair salon at henley beach. i am saying this because i have read a lot of threads about people not being able to find a good hairdresser , realy looking forward to it and will see you all there.

      peter 41, tracey 40, adam 17, jordan 16

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      the dobsons
      hi all just bumping back up .......... not long now yip eeee

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      Good luck with your travels. We are hoping to find a property around the Henley Beach area in September so will definately look Tracey up - I will probably be in need of a bit of colour as the stress of emigration is certainly turning me grey!!!!!!

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      the dobsons
      bumping back

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      hi :)

      I am a bit of a hair obsessive and Im dreading leaving my stylist here! Good to know that there will be someone who can keep my mad hair tamed :) Will def look her up when we finally arrive!


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      the dobsons
      hi allie

      good luck with your travels

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      the dobsons
      hi all

      just to let you all know we have now bought the salon and the name will be changing in feb to niche hair louge.
      the tel no is 8355 2133 for appointments.

      many thanks


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