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      Fancy a Beer

      Having a really crap day!! Can anyone help??

      Our Nissan Patrol has been playing up this week and took it to good old Kings Mechanical (highly recommend them!!) in Golden Grove this moring to be told it was clutch fluid, to return to them again this afternoon as having driven to work and back knew it wasnt, and then following more tests we were told we need a whole new gear box!!

      Mega money springs to mind!

      BUT struggling to find people that put in new gear boxes in 4x4's here in Adelaide! Found one in the Yellow Pages VERY unhelpful so still looking!!! Anyone know of anyone or can offer any helppppppp? And we dont want to take it back to Nissan as they are totalllllly cr*p!

      Gutted as we off to The Flinders on Thursday and thats not looking good now!!

      Anyone that can pop round tomorrow morning whip out the old one pop in a new one for the tidy sum of $200 is VERY welcome to reply to my thread!!!!!! I know I am dreaming!! :D

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      cornish Busdriver
      Give Christies auto wreckers on dyson road a bell, i use them a lot and there brilliant with a spanner tapper there as well.
      Very reasonable and never been able to fault them.

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      Fancy a Beer
      The Bad Day becomes a Bad Week!! Just been told looking at $5000.00 to fix the car!! Times like this I wish I was back in England best mate owns a Garage! Sure he wouldnt be charging us THAT much!!

      Guess the Easter Bunny wont be hopping for long at our house this year! :v_SPIN:


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