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      Help Am I Going Mad !!!!

      Hi Guys

      Haven’t posted my own thread for a while but I am just feeling really odd at the moment :(and wanted to know if others in the same situation did as well. Things have been a real roller coaster for the last week or so and time just seems to be running away with me.
      I handed my notice in at work this week (Very happy about that).

      We decided to sell the house we bought to keep here and rent out (safety net) but since our recci we are convinced we will love Adelaide and renting a property from so far away can be a real nightmare. We had our open day on Saturday and we sold the house to people in rented, who want to move in latest mid August. We are flying out on 15th August, so this is the completion date. (Great news)...

      Mike (OH) put his car up for sale this week as we thought it would take a few weeks to sell etc. But it sold the next day and the people are coming to collect it this weekend… (more great news I hear you say)...

      We completed on our house purchase in Blackwood, Adelaide on Tuesday so we are the proud owners of a lovely house which will be ready for us to move straight into when we arrive, (more good news....)
      whats wrong with this woman I hear even more of you saying... I know All very exciting stuff....:)BUT I think the biggest thing that is unsettling me, at the moment, is the container arrives on Tuesday to load !!!! We have a lot of furniture so we decided to send everything we wanted in Adelaide down so that the container will be there when we arrive, to move straight into our house with familiar things for our little girl to settle quicker.
      Honestly I am really excited about the move (most of the time). 100% I want to go and everything is falling into place BUT My stomach is churning so much sometimes I feel sick, its just after such a long wait it all seems so fast….

      Help I think I am going a bit mad… did?does anyone else feel like this...


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      I suppose the best people to reply to your message are the ones who have done the move and they are probably asleep at the moment.
      But I thought I'd reply as no-one else has.

      I'm sure what you are feeling is normal. This is probably the biggest thing you will ever do and you are likely to feel this way. There's lots to think about and lots to do and is bound to make you feel uneasy. just remind yourself why you're going, that's what I do and we're no where near moving yet.
      It all sounds very exciting and you're doing very well with everything.
      Good Luck!
      Rachael. ;)

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      Thumbs up

      ;)Hi Kim although not as far down the line as you, i think how you feel is perfectly normal and if you didnt i would be more worried..!
      Go back to why you started the whole process and those reasons haven't changed its just a case of good old fashioned nerves which is natures way of keeping you on your toes every thing is in place let the adventure begin , kick back and enjoy the greatest adventure you will ever embark on good luck. Cheers Graham & Jacqui;)

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      Hi kim, sounds like you guys are pretty organised people which means you've thought it all through already , just the emotions taking over, but hey what an adventure your being blessed with...........:D you've done all the work so now enjoy the adventure of NEWNESS.! how exciting....and worse case senario........come back ..everything will be EXACTLY the same.. done it.... Graham is right ,go back to the begining!;)

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      Hi Kim
      Drink more wine...it'll all feel fine.

      Seriously, though, I know how you feel - I gave leaflets to all the school mums on friday with a list of all our items for sale (thinking it would take ages to sell), but within the hour it had all been sold!!

      Its an end of an era....and you have ended things all around the same time...job, sold house, car - its big stuff going on here!, its only natural that you're going to feel a bit wobbly now and then....stay with it - its onwards and upwards!!

      ps. Day 6 and all is great.
      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Mmmmmmmmh Wiiiinnne......!

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      We were really surprised at how fast the last few weeks went and all of a sudden things are going through clear outs that you have had for years, jobs get left, cars and house sold and all familiar things are gone. It is a huge move and only natural to feel nervous at some point :o and excited at your new life so everything you are feeling is just another part of migrating :)

      We moved here without a reccie and when we got on the plane we suddenly realised we had no house, job or keys!!! Very scarey but soooo exciting and so far worth all the waiting and visa stress :D

      Good luck with the shippers next week.


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      donna T
      I think that if you didn't feel nervous, you wouldn't be normal.
      Once you are on the plane - you have to just look forwards. I was a bundle of nerves the last few weeks, bursting into tears for no apparant reason(!) but once we got on the flight from Singapore to Adelaide, the holiday was over and we finally realised we were on a one way ticket to a place we had never been to before, with no one at the other end we knew and 2 small children who had no realidea of what was going on. Really, it is no wonder you are up and down!
      4 months later though - it is fab and you won;t regret it - take a deep breath and enjoy your last weeks:D

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      Rachel & Jeff
      It's only natural to feel nervous about such a big change but think how much worse it could have been if you hadn't done the reccie.
      At least you have can picture your new life and know exactly where you are going to live.
      I'm sure excitement will take over at some point and as others have said, whats the worst that can happen. You don't like it and come back. You won't know unless you try it.
      Good luck.

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      Hi Kim, we're in pretty much the same position as you. We're renting our house from my brother in law, so no problems with having to sell first. We sold our car last week in under 24 hours, the container arrives first thing Monday morning and I've just waved goodbye to my lovely old cat for the last time as he's off to a new life on a smallholding in Wales! We fly out 26th July but we've got no house or job yet so I think officially, we're trailer park trash! I'm sick with nerves one minute then absolutely elated the next! It's completely normal I think. I hate to use a much over-used phrase but "we're leaving our comfort zone!" Everything and everyone you know will be in the UK whilst you're the other side of the world - what's not to be scared about? BUT think of the upside. Your children will be happier and healthier, they'll have more space and freedom and better prospects. They'll be running on the beach instead of slumped in front of the tv and a computer game. You'll make some great new friends and you'll be living in a beautiful part of the world where the sun shines a LOT more than it does here! We'll be there just before you so we'd be happy to meet up with you and hold your hands for the first few days if you like. Don't worry, it's a big adventure but you're doing the right thing I'm sure.

      Liz, Rich, Hattie and Rory


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