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    Thread: Cheek of it

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      Dave & Carole
      To be honest it probably feels cheeky...but if you accept it you can get on with your lives.

      We could say we "lost"loads on our house as it went on the market about 2 months too late...just as the market began to falter. However after 18 months trying to sell - once we did accept an offer we did actually just feel relieved. If you don't have to sell - wait till the recession is over - if you need to sell I'd accept it and try to think about if you've made since you bought it. Its only worth what someone is willing to pay and unfortunately no-one is wiling to pay very much at the moment - irrespective of where you are moving on to.

      Good luck

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      Hi all - thanks for your replies. We have already dropped the price by 10k and can't really afford to take much less than what its up for now as we need to clear the mortgage.

      We thought about auction but that seems expensive

      Renting is still in our minds at the moment

      So we may have to cut our losses and take a lower price!

      Also on SA police clearance- been given a date for end of April after contacting them - so thanks for help on that


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      we have been on market since last Aug. 40 viewings and no offers and everyone who has been to look knows we are moving abroad but there is a huge choice down in shoreham. I honestly wouldn't say our house is a dump. yes it needs the odd thing doing to it but it is a nice house.
      I know a couple of estate agents here and they seem to think that most people are putting in cheeky offers and then they are trying to get them to meet half way between cheek and acceptable. Our problem is we need the money from our house to make the move.
      I hope your son is ok. That sounds like a horrible situation. When i lived in newcastle I was hanging a pair of curtains in someones house in gateshead one day and a car pulled up at house opposite, two lads got out and axed the front door down ran in , nicked loads of electrical stuff and legged it.
      Needless to say I nearly had a heart attack as I was in full view in the window watching them. Ended up with police all over the place and the helicopter after them. Caught them though. Had to go straight to the pub to calm me nerves
      Lesley, Ian and Louise (aged 11 gymnast mad) - Job offer in Oz Sept 2005 - Gov. changed criteria for visa while sponsorship forms been filled in. Could no longer apply. Heard about extra point for IELTS test Sept 07. Vetessess Dec 07 - SA Sponsorship June 08 - IELTS test passed July 08 - 475 application August 08- Medical and police checks Dec 08 - Visa granted 4th March09!!!!:) moving to Adelaide Sept 09

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      We have had a real saga when it comes to selling houses, but hopefully we are now getting there...

      Our first house - we reduced by 25k and also offered part exchange. We finally sold the house as a part -ex and released equity by doing this. We did get them in turn to drop theirs by 25k in the PX so that we didn't lose out overall.

      So we are now in our 2nd house - we have now dropped this by 10k and offered PX. We have just accepted a PX offer releasing more equity.

      What this now means is that we are leaving a much smaller property in the UK to rent out for a few years until the market picks up, but that we have released enough equity to allow us to comfortably move out to Oz. Also, we have a much smaller mortgage and the house will sit paying for itself - if we had rented out any of the other houses we had, it would have been on interest only to keep money free for Oz and so wasn't great.

      Not sure if this will help anyone else, but with the market the way it is, PX seems to be getting more popular. Don't get me wrong, it has been quite stressful along the way, but keeping the dream in mind has helped an awful lot!


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      Hi back clan
      We live in Brighton and are in the same position - visa granted and house for sale. Just wanted to say hi to a fellow wannabe ozzie down here in the south. We are going to validate our visa next week. Need to sell the house for it to be permanent, don't want to rent it out as I work in the industry and have seen the state some people leave the places in.
      Good luck for your house sale and the move.


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