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      alan smallman


      Ok guys & gals
      Here's another one for you. Know anywhere where we can get a decent deal (and fairly cheap!!!) fridge/freezer (don't mind second-hand as long as it's clean and works OK. Also any chairs to sit on (nowt grand but just to park our a***s and to eat our meals from/off or whatever) until the container comes with all our good stuff. See what everyone means when they say it's like Xmas all over again when it does arrive (the container that is). OK I'm being hyper now as I'm tired from the bus journey, have been out all day and it's nearly closing time at the library (where I'm typing this massage - message (;)a freudian slip!!).

      All the best

      Alan (& Pauline)

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      try free cycle...................you can pick up loads for nowt!!

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      Port road towards town, Fridges and furniture i think they call it (if your driving into town on port rd its on the right), barter the bollocks off them. I got a huge fridge freezer(second hand with warranty), bed and matress (new) and a washing machine(second hand with waranty, go for the top loader theyre much better and break down less) all for 1450 dollars was 2450 dol. Just kept chipping at them. They sell loads of stuff tables chairs tv.s sofas, the more you buy the cheaper it gets. I even got them to deliver for free.

      Good Luck
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