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      ralph n bev
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      I don't often post on this site but do read almost on a daily basis but had to share our news that today we have received our acknowledgement letter by email that our visa has been granted. :p:p;)

      It is brilliant news but like others the reality now hits home that we really are having to leave friends and family behind and move to a country we have never even been too. Despite that we are really excited.

      We still have the house to sell. Had an offer last week which was 30K below asking price so that was flatly refused. The housing market definitely seems to have slowed down.

      My other big problem is that my mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer since applying for visa and is in the process of having chemo and radiotherapy. Despite this
      she has been very supportive of our move and is holding on to the wish to come and see us as soon as she can. Still I cant help feeling guilty about leaving her.

      Your bound to feel guilty about your mum, anyone would , but if youve chosen to go ahead , and shes behind you with it then you do it. Once shes better, she can come for a nice long visit .
      Congratulations on getting your visa:D eeek bet your minds buzzing.

      Hang on in there with the house sale, i know a couple of people who are selling now , to beat the home package thing, not to emigrate!!, and they are having to have one done anyway , as soliciters are advising the buyers to ask for it!!

      So i recon that there will be a few people deciding not to bother selling now.
      Especially if there homes need a lot of work doing to bring them up to scratch.
      Hope so as weve not even put ours up for sale yet!!

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      Hi great news about visa, i'm still waiting for mine did put a post on asking the waitng time from when medicals are sent and the feedback was 3 weeks, Been told today from Nursing agent that there is a large amount being dealt with at moment and could be anything from 4-8 weeks. we are all ready to go now, thinking of phoning them up at Syndey


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