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    Thread: Prickly Heat- any tips?

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      The Pottertons

      Prickly Heat- any tips?

      Hi All,
      Has anyone had the experience of bad prickly heat and know whether Oz see it a lot at all. Son gets it quite bad and this week has been so hot in the U.K its up and raging! Goes down really quickly once indoors when in the U.K but he has had it abroad and it was quite bad. I used to suffer myself when i first journeyed abroad at 18 but its gone since almost as though ive become more tolerant to the rays- Hopefully Fynn will be the same but any advice would be gratefully recieved. Have tried Pine Tar as suggested whilst over there and it does make it better but doesnt take it away and stinks!!!!! Thanks, Yvonne x

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      Hi Yvonne

      I used to suffer terribly from prickly heat whenever we went to Spain, Greece, Bulgaria etc and so did my son. Funny thing is neither of us have been bothered with it since we came here. Don't know if its due to the dry heat or what. In the past I have used natural yoghurt which has a cooling effect and stops the itch. Doesn't allways smell nice but it works for me!!

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      I get it if i get too much sun. A good anti hystamine from the chemist normally makes it go down.
      Asking about prickly heat on a day where here in Adelaide the the roads are now rivers makes me chuckle !!!
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