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I am not bothered by spiders as long as they stay out of my way, if they come in the house they get chucked out or killed if they are the poisonous type, so why is it that I have come across 4 white tails and all but one have been on me??? 1st one was on out screen door, fine no probs, 2nd one I was just settling down on the beach on my lounger, newly aquired but kept in the shed until used to enjoy watching the kids playing, saw something move on my lap and it was a white tail, in a pathetic voice I got Petes attention and we shook it off, 3rd one again at the beach, I was openng the umbrella got out of the shed (different shed as we had moved) and what was there yes another white tail, again pathetic voice to Pete who attempted to drown the bugger, took forever and being buried in the sand, bloody thing kept coming back into the beach with the waves. 4th one today, opening the curtains and felt something on my arm, brushed it off and it wouldn't get off so brush and brushed about 5 times and off it fell, assumed it was a fly or one of those millipede things, looked on the floor to see it walking towards my foot and yes it was a white tail, it is now rather flat and dead outside.

Why do they pick on me?? I am now guessing that although poisonous they are not aggressive or I think the one today would have bitten me!! At least most of them have been smallish, the one at the beach had been on steroids I think, it was huge!!!

I'll shut up now


Good to see that Pete did not hide behind you!!