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    Thread: The Nightmare of having Friends Come to Stay!

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      Ben and Sharon, I agree that if its your Mum and Dad and you get along well and they are going to be supportive and be of help it makes sense, as I mentioned in a previous post my parents would come to the States to stay with us for extended periods, and they were absolutely fantastic, and it was a great bonding time for them and the kids. Just make sure if you get the granny flat that you pack it to the rafters when your parents are not there so that you can say, sorry no room, welcome to visit but you will have to stay elsewhere, or on the couch for a couple of days (if not too comfy wont stay too long is the usual answer). All the best, and everyone enjoy your parents while you can.


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      Well we have father-in-law and his brother staying at ours just now. They arrived 2 weeks ago, and have got 2 weeks left. I assumed my wife would be coping with it all quite fine (as i got called away to work in Africa for 5 weeks, and left 2 days before they got here!) as we hadn't seen anyone since we made the move almost 2 years ago. However i now see that she will probably be going off her head with them being under her feet, and trying to find things for them to do, especially as i am not there to help out, and take them to the pub to give her a break. Guess i better get online flower shop and send something to cheer her up........

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      Hey Ben and Sharon, do not and I repeat do not buy a house with a granny flat just so others can come and stay, buy something that suits you and your family everyone thinks that granny flats will be handy when there are teenagers around NOT AND I REPEAT NOT, its a great little retreat for them to hold their boozy parties and to slip out of during the night when everyone's asleep (believe me I have been there). If friends come to visit they have to fit in with you, as I mentioned before it is great if you can get them to some websites which show other things to go and places to visit, probably a tactful way of saying well you can come but not for the whole time to stay with us. I agree also it gets b..........y expensive having to feed everyone else as well as your lot.

      Anyway happy house hunting.


      I am totally with you on this one, DONT DO IT!! We bought and did so many things when we arrived "for when people come to stay" and we look back now and think we were mental!! (To be honest we probably were!!).

      It will encourage not just your friends and family to stay for longer but also for them to invite their friends and their family to come and stay with you toooo, believe me I have a friend that has recently moved to get AWAY from having tooo much space in her house to stop unwanted visitors!

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      Well near on a week after they left, I today received an email from my friend, basically saying that she thanked me for everything I had taught her on her trip to Adelaide, no detail of what i did teach (to be honest wasnt aware I had become a teacher) but that she had now implimented new procedures to rectify the problems with her kids!!

      So I guess around the houses its like a sort of appology of what went on when they were here and I guess at least she now realises how bad it was!!! She seems to think that the new procedures will sort the attitude of her daughter out, personally I am not so sure but now they are the other side of the world its not my worry!!

      I think having had a week to reflect and discuss with mates and hubby and my kids, some of it is now funny, very funny while it wasnt at the time it has however ensured that if ever someone wants to come and stay with us again (god help us) there will be strict procedures put in place prior to their arrival!! That way we will all enjoy our time together and I wont feel like I still do today knackered!!

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      You are right once they are gone and you start to reflect upon everything, and sit around with your friends who have been through the same its a bit like a Benny Hill skit and quite funny, but at the time you feel like throttling the whole lot of them. All the best to you all. I'm trying to organize a barb at the shop great back garden on a Sunday probably in about a month, anyone interested.

      Sandra D


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