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    Thread: Visa Granted

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      Rachel & Jeff
      Congratulations Doodle and jwood:D

      Can't wait until it's my turn to say 'We got it'. Seems so far away and unreal at the moment.

      Good luck with all your preparations and hope everything goes well for the big move.


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      ralph n bev
      Congratulations to doodle and jwood, enjoy everything that goes with it!!
      Its all real now !! eeek

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      Hi Doodle
      We hope to be flying in Feb 08,:D have put house on the market and had one viewing so far. Still trying to finish of the extension so have been tileing the kitchen all day. Still got some tiling to do tomorrow aftre work.:( So much to do, so little time.
      Ahwell it'll all come out in the wash as my mom would say.
      Regards Jackie n john

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      Hi All

      Thanks again!

      Dates are now all hanging in the balance as OH half got a promotion! (can you believe it?)

      Just waiting to see now whether this means a pre or post christmas flight.

      Good luck with the tiling and house sale Jwood!



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