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      B&B for relatives and friends?

      After reading the posts about visitors staying, I thought of a good business venture for someone! Open up a B&B for visiting friends and family, perhaps also with an evening meal, oh and lunch! Maybe even trips planned for them aswell. Then we can carry on as normal and maybe see them for the odd afternoon! Oh well maybe a dream!
      After saying that, we have just had my daughters boyfriend to stay for 3 weeks and we all had the best time.It was so lovely to have a familiar face around and to have a bit of news from the dark land! He has been gone back a week and we still miss him so much, especially my daughter(obviously).

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      Dave & Carole
      What a fanatstic idea. As primary teaching jobs seem few & far between, perhaps I should think about it!!!! Just need the money to invest in it. Maybe a PIA joint venture is in order to keep everyone's sanity. ;)


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