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      Hi guys,

      just want to know if there are any of you playing cricket for an aussie side around adelaide, just want to get some contacts cos I love me cricket and will be moving to Adelaide in October.

      Cheers, Jon.

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      I played cricket last year..but played in the hills league...don't know if this is suits? There are loads of leagues in the city of differant standards. October is a good time to come because the season starts round about then.

      I loved it last year made loads of mates and drank a lot of beers :)

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      Yeah, such a bonus if you play sport cos its so easy to meet people.
      Reckon ill be based close to the city so will look up a few clubs around there, you must get a fair bit of sledging from the oppo?!

      Do they play the same game over 2 weekends in Adelaide?

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      Loads of sledging mate...however i think as a Scotsman playing cricket i bring it on myself. its good banter though, just got to give as good as they give :) They do play over two weekends same as what you will be used to with the odd one day game chucked in there.

      I met loads of people playing..everyone generally hang around for a chat and a beer. Good luck to you mate....give me a shout if you have any other questions

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      I joined a team when we arrived last Dec. in Coomandel valley. Most teams seem to have about 5 or 6 grades so you can always fit in some were! I was suprised at the lack of sledging (could have done with a bit more to tell the truth).
      Bigest problem is getting used to concrete pitches (look a prat when I wonder down the pitch ever couple of balls to do some 'gardening'), Don#t think they believe I'm a wicket keeper though but a concrete strip in Adelaide acts a bit different to a soggy turf one in Bucks or that was my excuse for some dismal perfomances!

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      Concrete pitches eh!! Ok if your a quickie then...
      Im still in the Uk playing for a club in the Sussex county league, our overseas is an ozzie from Ballarat ( vic ) and he`s constantly amazed at the amount of grass we have here! Reckons the grounds back home are just dirt bowls!! Any grass in Adelaide?? haha

      Cheers lads


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