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      The Pope tours'

      The Pope is touring America, and while crossing the arizona desert in his stretch limo he comment's to his driver how cool is it to drive? The poor chauffer replies with a yawn" why can't you drive monsieur?" Pope say's " no i always get driven".. Well sir here is your chance.. 3000 miles of nothing but straight road and i can get some kip. great so they swap with a little lesson and off he goes. A couple hours later a police motorcycle pulls him over,.. looks into the window and reports back to his radio... cop.."Sir i've got a situation here,..... stopped someone real important?"
      Police leautenant..."well who is he boy some kind of officer?"
      cop.."no sir he's more important than that!"
      leautenant..."well what boy some kinda senator or somthin.?"
      cop..."no sir he's more important than that.!"
      leautenant.."well who is it boy the president of the united states.?"
      cop..."no sir he's more important than that.!"
      leautenant.."Boy who's more important that the President of the United States......?"
      cop.........." I don't know sir but the Pope is drivin him......!":p:D;)

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      Like it a lot :p Must be good even got a smile on hubbies face;)


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      Quite funny. Even when reading it at 6am on a Sunday Morning. Haha


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