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    Thread: Rain

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      It amazes me that they do not "catch" more water.
      The temps are ok compared to last year, though looking at the 7 day forcast does not fill me with smiles LOL

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      Quote Originally Posted by ReadyPenny View Post
      Hi Guys

      I am told we will reap the benefits in summer when you "plains" people are sweltering and us "hillbillies" are a few degrees short of insanity up here!!!!

      Dont believe the ozzies up there. Its too cold when its 20c and too hot when its 28c.
      Each to thier own, we rented up there, arrived in winter and it was too dismal for us.Didnt move to plains but nearer sea............out of the gloomy winters. Dont get too carried away with the summers..........we now feel it has to be 33/35 to be a good day:). Wouldnt even consider beach until 32C, in UK 22C was beach weather
      Dont get me wrong, its a nice place and we have friends that love it up there , just not for us.
      Oh, we moved to see and feel the winter sun, in 50ft gum trees , you dont feel too much sun.Anyway , its all part of the learning experience:)


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