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      bit of a weird question

      Ive just been thinking about what i HAVE to take to oz and i HAVE to take my childhood dogs ashes with me there in a box and everything but i dont know how to take them there.
      Ive heard some things can be damaged or stolen in containers
      Ive had luggage lost before so i dont know if i trust it in a suitcase
      And my only other option is hand luggage but would this be allowed with all the rules and stuff at the airports?
      You probably think im crazy but i have have have to take them!
      Any help would be amazing!

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      Hi Caz

      If the box is wooden and untreated, this in itself may be a problem. You will need to declare it upon arrival at customs and have it treated. Saw a TV programme which showed treatment of such items, to avoid contamination, costs around $300 alternatively they will destroy the item for $60!!!!!!

      If it's precious, take it as hand luggage but check the box it's in and be prepared for the charges at the other end.

      Our container arrived safe and well with all items enclosed and not a single glass broken. Personally haven't heard any container horror stories, but the same rules would apply upon arrival, about the wooden box.

      Hope this makes sense and helps a little!! LOl



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