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      "what If You Don't Get A Visa?"

      This is a question that I get asked every now and then and every now and then I get a cold feeling and ask myself that same question.

      To be trueful we have no serious plan B, if plan A (Australia) fails, if I had a plan B I would be admitting failure and a doubt about what we are doing.

      We will get to Australia even if I have to dig a tunnel through the centre of the earths crust!

      Seriously, I am asked this question so often I am beginning to think I should perhaps have a plan B, but as plan B would be second best I don't want one!.

      Do any of you have a plan B.

      Nikki & Co.

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      We never had a plan B as we were so sure we would get there some way Barring something popping up in your meds or police checks I have never seen anyone not get a visa yet :) Can understand your worries though - towards the end of the waiting for the visa we suddenly started to doubt we would get the visa....just another stage of the process I guess :o


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      Nice to hear its normal to have doubts, I think the further along you get the more you want it. At the start you are half and half, but once things fall into place, like selling your house, You begin to have tunnel vision.

      I seem to talk about nothing else and I know I am becoming very boring to my friends and family.

      I suppose thats why we all use these forums, to talk to like-minded people, in the same situations, who, like me, can never be bored by talk of Australia and visa applications.


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      Hmmm..It was hard for us to have a plan B as we were so focussed on moving here.Plus through a Govt initiative we were virtually asked to come.

      I'd not spread yourself too thinly at the moment and concentrate on Oz.

      There are not many other places like Oz.

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      There was never really a plan B for us either. We were so focused on getting here, we too became bores, talking about nothing else to people we knew.
      Remember though, Australia is not the be all and end all in life. Yes, in my opinion, its a better life than the U.K but there are always different options in life, different countries, different paths you can take.
      What will be, will be.

      J x

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      ralph n bev
      Ive often thought this, and wondered if anyone has ever been refused .
      I think thats the reason why our house isnt up for sale yet!
      Me being the half empty cup type of woman, and all that.

      If we dont get the visa , then our action plan is to carry on doing what we are doing now,
      Very well thankyou. Regardless of whats going on around us:p.
      2 holidays abroad a year .
      Every other weekend away caravaning /camping .
      Carry on paying off the mortgage as quick as poss.
      We will take on a few Poles , so Ralph can take on more work, which he has to turn away at the moment , and cut back on his personal work load , making the most of all the cheap labour flooding the area.
      Then in years to come ,move to the Yorkshire Dales to the barn that we would have converted by then ;) , away from all the sht, that would be now rife, in all the major cities.

      And grow old disgracefully wearing purple.

      Still complaining bitterly about all the immigrants, spongers , and wastes of spaces bringing the country to its knees!
      Bitter ,cos all though Ralph and I had done well here regardless , our children felt they have no future here , want to leave us to emmigrate to Australia , the country that wouldnt let us in.
      Now isnt there a special visa for older folk , with relatives out there??


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      i thought this was a very interesting post! its the question none of us really want to think about it, but it does seem sensible to have some vague idea, for the just in case ;)
      i dont have any solid plan, but i do have a feeling that Something would need to change in order to help me see positives in that outcome. i live in london at the moment and dont especially like it here. i think i would probably look to move somewhere more rural, quite possibly coastal. there are some lovely parts to this country which i have not really explored and which hold their own potential. i suppose in any situation all you can do is try to make the most of what you have.
      i dont think its unreasonable to tell people who ask you this question that that is unlikely to happen but if it did that you dont fully know, and you would just have to deal with the situation if it arose.
      it was interesting, and encouraging, to hear that so few people seem to be turned down. although i suppose possibly people wouldnt want to post to say this if they felt so hugely disappointed (how negative of me ;)). but i think if youve done your research about visas and appear to be eligible it seems very unlikely youd have to deal with this.
      the main thing in life i think is to try not to dwell on negatives and just keep looking forward and giving things your best shot :D

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      Leanne & Mark
      we have a plan B (kinda) if we fail our TRA which in our case isn't straight forward. we will sell the house, and go to Brisbane on a student visa, This will be expensive but we try to see and make the most out of oz whilst we're there and if we still don't get visa at end of study. we will come back here use our new found skills to start new career and reapply, 6 yrs later.
      and all live happily ever after.
      The End.

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      hi leanne & mark,GOOD FOR YOU!


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