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      Our council is doing somthing called transforming learning communities.............translation trying to save money on schools.
      They want to merge our school with a nearby school that has very poor sat results and a very diferant school population.I dont quite know how to put it politley!!!!!!!!!!!! So i wont say much other than we chose for our children to go to a small faith school(class sizes 25max) and these children are also in small classes that they desperatly need for other reasons. The council want to merge this into a large school that both sets of parents (and staff even though the county concil has gaged them) feel will not be good for either school comunity and will desperatly let down both sets of kids. Hopefull we wont be here but we feel so strongly we are getting involved in the fight to try and stop this happening.We are doing a number of things all ready but wondered if anyone had any Idear as to other things we could do thanks ali

      PS dont mind tying myself to the school gates but dont sugest I do it naked as
      1. I wont and
      2. The contractors would never recover;)

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      Leanne & Mark
      I think the only thing you can do is get the whole community involved. Past and present pupils, any one famous who attended the school? any past pupils amounted to big fish that can help get the message heard or funded??
      If its a faith school have you got the church involved? local papers, community magazines, local radio, ask a local sign writer for banners to put up around the area. Shout and shout loud it work for our local catholic school that has been threatened with closure sooo many times.
      Research is also key, are other schools of other faiths being closed down or merged with larger schools?
      Keeping our Faith Alive could be a great stance on your campaign, esp with all the laws being inforced with regards to minority religions having a right to worship how they see fit.
      Just make sure everyone EVERYONE knows about the threat, the more people involved the more you'll be heard, then hopefully they'll get the idea.

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      Thanks for that some of the Idears we are already useing. We would have gone down the religious rout but unfortuntly the council have been very clever. Instead of saying they are merging the schools what they have said is that they are closeing the non faith school and moving the our schools into their premises and extending them of accomodate extra pupils. What they havent said is that the children already at the non faith school will be entitled to a place their ,even though they will. So they havent even been honest enogh to say what they are aclualy doing is closing both schools and merging them.Also because the name of St Johns is contiuing they have effectivly reduced the amount of support that the diocies can give us .Very sly. We hadnt thought of the local sign wrighters so I will get onto that tomorrow also try and see if we have any famouse x pupils thanks for the Idears every thing we can get is very helpfull


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