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      Car buying - RAA checks?

      Flying out next week so have been trawling the internet sites looking at vehicles. I've been emailing one guy and he suggested I get a 'local' to view the car on my behalf. As I don't yet know anyone () this isn't an option. He then suggested an RAA check.

      Anyone know what this involves and what it costs?


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      I've been looking at cars online for weeks...makes a change from looking at jobs, houses, schools etc...I'll be very interested in seeing what advice comes back on this.

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      good luck LOL.

      One mans gold is another mans pile of dung.

      RAA should have fees for this check on their web site.

      No MOT here gents, you just keep your rego up and its roadworthy. There are some really old things on the road here.

      Main north road is the area for cars in my opinion.

      Where abouts will you be staying?

      PM me your price range if you want, i will tell you what your looking at from a 96 skyline to a hyundai Getz.

      I eneded up buying new because its a minefield of a head mess to try and sort....... i believe there is a man possibly called Brian (sorry we were a little drunk last week on the boys night out) apparently he has some good cheap stuff.


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