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Hmmm that's really strange to hear, unless the Glenelg location has gone downhill in the last year. Montezuma's is the only place in Adelaide that has authentic Mexican food (although Gringo's is the only one in Adelaide I haven't been to yet), so perhaps you guys don't really like authentic Mexican. I know it's impossible to find in the UK, so maybe our expectations are different.
Honestly Suzer, it was nothing to do with expectation (have eaten in a lot of great Mexican restaurants including in Mexico). We went to Montezuma's in June last year and it really was a disappointment. The bottom line is, it's a matter of opinion, or possibly the chef and waiting staff on the day, maybe we were all just really unlucky in our choice of days to visit?

In answer to the best restaurant, you would have to go a long way to beat Barendoe on Hutt Street in the City (sorry, I know it's not Glenelg). Excellent food and really great staff.

Traci x