I kind of know this bloke,a very witty ,warm and generous chap.

john#8 an American bloke.
How the heck he comes up with this stuff I don't know.

I'd love to actually meet him but sadly I don't think I ever will :(

He has some quite severe health problems but always manages to cheer others up :D

I quote one of his recent posts............

Uncle Bubba is gone. :) He always wore a three piece suit.
He drifted from job to job: balloon vendor, freelance toilet
inspector, aardvark groomer, among others. He finally settled
in his basement, where he lost his mind trying to invent a rectal
harmonica. After that the family kept him tied to a oak tree in
the back yard, where they fed him with a slingshot. After six
years they released him on Mussolini's birthday whereupon
he married a passive-aggressive librarian who later beat him
daily with a copy of Charles Dickens's 'Christmas Carol.'

He died at seventy-five from a head injury suffered as a result
of undue glee following a bowel movement. <g> Bubba was
my mentor & I will miss him.