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    Thread: Not for the home sick :)

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      Not for the home sick :)

      just thought i would share my perfect english (yes english) weekend with you
      made me realise i will miss parts of england

      woke up to snow on saturday morning! lots of it and the nice thick stuff too no sludge! took the kids sleighing on the banks opposite our house, were quite a few there all with their dogs and kids.
      later on walked up to the pub in the snow with brad for my xmas do, had the table infront of the fire gorgeous english pub food, few tears at the end realising it was my last christmas here :(

      and on sunday went christmas shopping, everyone wearing their santa's hats brought the turkey etc (which i dont think i will be cooking in oz! too warm!) then went to the pantomine at night which kids absolutly loved!

      a really really nice english christmas weekend which has made me realise that i am going to miss the english christmas so much!

      convince me with your australian christmas things please!

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      The Dimmocks
      Sounds lovely. I been getting some of them feelings, think it the seeing family that not seen for a while as it Christmas, and knowing that this will be the last one. Visiting places and thinking this will probably be the last time we come here.

      I looking forward to our next christmas in Australia. When you planning on going over?

      Happy Christmas and New Year.


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      Just remember though not always so nice. I am a community nurse in quite a rural area in Cambridgeshire. Worked all over weekend and novelty of the snow is now wearing very thin. Would much prefer to be in the sunshine. Snow should be for xmas day only (unless I am working of course ).

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      What someones perfect xmas is someone elses nightmare, not for me thanks
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      The snow is another reason to emmigrate (IMO) hate the cold.

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      It doesnt snow at christmas every year in england, ...............just like its not hot here every christmas in Adelaide. you would probably want to cook your turkey this year. When I went to bed last night the weather was saying 4o and rain xmas eve , 22 xmas day, plenty cool enough for a roast!

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      The snow is very nice on Christmas day only and in pictures

      This too is hopefully our last Christmas in England, and yes it is a little sad at times knowing this is our last but we are really looking forward to Christmas next year in Adelaide.

      I'm not going to miss the cold, dark winters, witha million tons of salt causing more hassle than its worth (has ruined me trousers and shoes )

      Someone said to me today "well you wont be able to do a snow angel" my reply " thats ok I'll make a sand angel instead on the beach...in me shorts"

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      Christmas is not a big thing here with us now.
      Little Tyke turned 20 yesterday, we did have great Christmas mornings with her and our family back in the UK.We enjoyed sharing Little Tyke's excitement.

      Presents bought and wrapped ( well I've a couple to do),Ham bought in for Christmas day. The weather is typical for this time of year (30c +).
      Nipping out on the boat for a little fishing session ,hoping to bag a a decent sized Snapper for Boxing Day lunch.
      Werather forecast is windy for Christmas Day, we were hoping to have a lazy day out on the boat really - hard life innit??

      We do have Christmas in July ,coldest time of year here,just right for the full Christmas roast.
      In fact we did it in September this year :)

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      Well, this is going to be our first christmas here in Adelaide and I have to admit that it took a while to get into the festive spirit due to the weather, but now it's only 3 sleeps to go we are all really excited. It's glorious here and all the summer flowers are in full bloom......and there is a serious lack of stressful shopping! Everything seems well, just so laid back and there's no dramas at all.
      I collected my xmas meat from the butcher yesterday and ambled round the shops at my own pace. I have managed to get everything that the girls asked for without having to fight for it or traipse round 17 different argos's to find one and I dare even say that it has been fun???!!!!

      Christmas dinner for us is going to be a "family" affair. we are spending the day with our aussie family (the friends we have made since being here) on the beach in the early part of the day followed by a traditional dinner. There are 20 of us and we are having the full works, turkey, ham, pigs in blankets and the lot!!

      When we spoke to my parents on skype last night, dad took the laptop outside to show us the snow and it did make me feel a bit emotional, up til that point i'd not really thought about it, but I did have a little weep when they said their goodbyes as this will be the first christmas that we've never seen our parents! But hooray for skype and we'll have it on on xmas morning so they can see the girls unwrapping their gifts.

      I think it's an important time for us, really bringing it home that we have moved so very far away from "home" but also a very exciting time that we are here and loving it. We've got our santa hats and we'll see you on the beach!!!!

      Wishing everyone a very merry christmas and a prosperous 2010!!!!!

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      convince me with your australian christmas things please!


      Sorry cant.
      I luv Adelaide and so glad we came here..but xmas!!!!!
      It's the only time of year I wish I was back in the u.k
      This is our 3rd xmas and each xmas seems to get worse. Trying so hard to get in the xmas spirit
      Its the only drawback of living here.
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