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      me and brad went on reccie convinced we wanted to settle in aldinga beach, realised it wasnt for us, liked seaford rise being so close to the beach is perfect but then fell in love with aberfoyle park! houses are bigger, most we saw had pools, more land etc
      anyone know much about the schools?
      or should we go back to our seaford rise idea? what are the schools like there?
      we will never decide!

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      When we first arived we lived in Aberfoyle Park for 12 months and then Happy Valley for 6 months, our daughter went to Aberfoyle Hub school, she started in reception.

      She loved the school and we had no problems at all, they have lots of outside activities and are well know for the jump rope team (skipping). If we hadn't moved to Mclaren Flat she would still be at this school.

      We did look at buying in this area but just couldn't find a house that ticked all the boxes in our price range or was outbid, so we built.



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