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      Just had a call from Morgan in Morrisons, He is on a lunch box hunt for Joey. Being incompitent again! I discovered he needs a new one for school tomorow this morning and beeing currently laid low with a UTI I coludn't go. However I did say to him quite confidently just nip in to Morrisons on your way home they have them in their. Anyway he looked and looked, couldn't find them and did somthing unheard of by any man in our household and asked. " Oh yes" said the spotty youth "We did have them but weve just replaced them with the christmas stuff"> Is it me

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      We were shopping for school uniforms yesterday in Milton Keynes and although we couldn't find the uniform section in Debanhams, there was a section containing Christmas Decorations!!!!

      They just sock it to us far too early these days


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      in a few of the cheapy shops here, they have had xmas decs for about 2 months ..... there is also a xmas shop on the way into the city and i am really keen to stop there for a nose, but feel that i should wait until a bit nearer the time!
      I love xmas and could start shopping for xmas in about feb .... sad i know!

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      Well we did have xmas dinner in July

      Seriously though I used to work in retail in uk and hated the xmas stuff being out so early - it must feel like forever to kids Not seen any major xmas stuff in shops here yet thankfully!!!!

      Do like xmas though but will feel very odd this year with a tree up with blue skies and having a bbq dinner with friends xmas day


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      September may seem early to be thinking about Christmas but to those paid monthly, Christmas is only 3 pay days away.

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      Good point - plus will have to be thinking about sending those uk pressies back before long so they get there in time


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      Last Xmas day tripleJ radio had a phone-in to see the weirdest thing listeners had done that day.
      A truckie rang in & won - he had delivered a load of Easter eggs to a supermarket!

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      It does seem very early to be thinking of Christmas, but we found that the Aussies start celebrating a lot earlier than us. Houses start to be decorated at the beginning of December, and the lights go up.
      The places to visit to see the lights are Lobethal, where thousands of people descend on, as most of the houses are lit up, to Brewery Lights in Brewery Gardens at the junction of Grange Road, & South Road where there is always a lights display and a small funfair throughout December. There will also be numerous houses all over Adelaide with their lights up as well. It's a shame that its mid summer and the weather so warm. I had to be Father Christmas at my son's company Christmas party 2 years ago and my was it warm in the outfit!!!


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