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      Richard & Amanda

      Recomended books for the kids

      Hi Everyone,

      Can anyone help us? We are looking for some books for Hannah so she can start to learn a bit about Australia and it's history, culture and what's it's like to live there before we go. All the books we've found are either travel guides, aimed at visitors or just atlas and maps.

      Thanks guys

      Richard, Amanda & Hannah.

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      Hi Richard, Amanda & Hannah,

      i don't know about any books but there is a great website which has some brilliant information regarding Australia for kids and adults. WWW.webtech.kennesaw.edu/jcheek3/australia

      Hope it helps.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      We went to the local library and they ordered me a book in called Living in Australia, for children. had loads of pictures and what the Australians where to school etc. My two thought it was great, not sure if it may be too young for Hannah. Your library may be able to get other books in.


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      Amazon have a good selection of books for kids about Australia. We picked up some for Dawn on animals and living in oz but did not bring them over - sorry cannot remember names :v_SPIN:

      I just searched kids section for Australia and quite a few came up



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