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    Thread: what to pack

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      graham and niki

      what to pack

      Hi i am coming over for 2 weeks at the end of april beginning may for an exam - what clothes do you think i will need?
      mainly shorts and tees or mainly long trousers and longsleeve tops?
      will it get cold enouth in the evening to bring jumpers?
      any idea what you are expected to wear in colleges?i take it normal clothes are ok eg not shirt and trousers?
      Do you think it will be hot enough for the beach sunbathing etc?
      Many Thanks

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      Sunbathingyou may be the only one, but that doesn't matter how hot it is.

      Bring a mixture of clothes, it will still bounce between warm and cold. Yes it will be warm compared to UK, but the nights will feel chilly, and if the cloud comes in then it may be cold during the day....

      Cold equals 15 to 20!;)



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