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    Thread: Anti British feelings

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      Quote Originally Posted by Fat Boy Fat View Post
      I think a few people have missed the point of my question, I can tell you good and bad points of every place I have visited in the world including the North Pole. What I donít understand is the anti anything English stand, be it outright or just under the surface that some people take on this site.
      An example is the England shirt. What harm is it if someone supports their country of birth or team they have followed for years by showing it. Why does that upset people so much? Are we saying that you should not wear an AFL shirt if you go out of Australia?
      I would just like an honest answer as to why some people get off the plane at Adelaide and feel that they must now put down and abuse their place of birth, and then justify it with news items and reports from the UK that could just as easily be from the more deprived areas of Australia. We should also recognise that as Australians we are a proud multi cultural country and English people are a part of that culture.
      Spot on. I do laugh when I'm told I should turn into an Aussie because I now live here. Why? I love living here and feel its a great place to live, as is the UK for many Australians. I used to love seeing the bar staff in Earls Court wearing their aussie tops.:jimlad: This showed they were proud to be Australian and rightly so. I wouldn't expect them to wear the three lions or bad mouth their homeland. So why should we?

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      live and let live i say,

      i have my (old) england soccer top and im sure i'll wear it during the world cup - much to HG's horror ;)
      i loved the area we lived in - the village/country side is beautiful - if we wernt here we'd still be there...and i feel thats what led us to choose aldinga, and if i got my way id go further south again...

      i loathe the way the uk has gone, the system, the scum that work the system, and ultimately hold it partly responsible for my nephews death!

      HG is close personally to the incident in buxton - hence being very emotive at the moment.

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      Quote Originally Posted by cornish Busdriver View Post
      Im not anti british, Anti british goverment YES.
      It mainly because of them why ive moved over here,.

      Spot on Cornish......The governement are responsible for the state of the country, lack of power, lack of balls, rolling over when ever its the easy option, bail out banks but not save the icons of British manufacturing.

      The country is pretty lush with great places but the government have made it into what it is.

      Pay into the system get nothing, dnt pay in get money thrown at you !!!!!

      Thats it for me on this matter....all be nice to each other...please.



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