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    Thread: Three months update

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      Three months update

      Hello everyone. Weíve now been here for just over three months so I thought it time to do a little update.

      We arrived on Sunday the 31st of January this year after a 30hr flight and in a blistering 40deg heat (bearing in mind that we were lucky to get temps above freezing in the UK). We were met at the airport and whisked away to our temp accommodation. In the house in front of us was a lovely family who go by the name familygood, too which we have formed a good friendship with.

      The next week went really well but with lots of outlays like driving licenses, extras heath cover, a car etc, but my main concern was a long term rental.

      We saw what looked to be the perfect house (on the internet) and promptly viewed it, whilst the house was really nice, what the photos didnít show was the drive which was so steep the agents car bottomed out as he drove up it, now that put us off a little bit as I suffer from CFS and thought that this might be a problem. After some advice off of this forum we looked in the advertiser and found a place in Port Noarlunga.

      The person renting was a first time landlord, so it felt good to talk to them direct and voice our concerns about being able to secure a rental. They were a really nice couple and gave us the rental but only on a six month lease, which was fine by us as at least we had somewhere to call home, if only for a short while.

      We had a few hiccups getting the electricity turned on, firstly the chap turned up when I wasnít there (had to get the kids from school) but rather than looking for the box which was outside, he just left his calling card, I called the company up and explained what had happened and said ďdonít worry well get someone out on Monday to do itĒ (bearing mind this was a Thursday) I then had to explain that I had no electricity and two young children, so after a brief discussion it was arranged to be connected the following day.

      Then next day came and I waited in from 8am, arranged for someone to meet the children so as not to miss the appointment. At 4.30pm I rang to company to find out what was going on, the lady said donít worry he your still on the list and it contracted out to be done before 11.59pm. Wow I couldnít believe it; eventually he turned up at 7.30pm.

      Once the rental was secured we had a look round the local school (Port Noarlunga Primary School and aquatics centre), it had a really nice fell to it so the children were enrolled and started the next day. My children love it, itís a really friendly place and my eldest had a week of water activities which was swimming, kayaking, body boarding, surf boarding and snorkelling. Needless to say I donít think she would have had these opportunities in the UK.

      Iíve also had the great pleasure (or pain) in watching some AFL, the Adelaide Crows. I didnít think I would enjoy it as much as I did, so im really looking forward to the next game which is the showdown Crows v The Power.

      I think Iíve gone on too much but on a last note all of us love it here, like many others came to Adelaide without even visiting, and can honestly say we believe it to be the right choice and donít ever see ourselves going back weíve had lots of highs and not many lows and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be In this lovely country.:)

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      Hey Carol, Craig and family,

      Sounds as though you have had quite a good run, glad it has all gone OK, and that you are settled ...

      Enjoy the rest of your future

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      Thanks for the update, gald to hear that you're enjoying Adelaide.
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      Top post,thanks for taking the time

      CFS - suffering from the Country Fire Service????

      Just kidding.

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      Kelly pj
      Hi carol,craig and girls
      Great post!! I love reading the update posts, especially seen as i'll be writing one soon hehe!!! We are flying out on the 27th May, I cant wait now, we are getting very excited and ready for the next chapter. We also have 2 girls, Ellie is 7 and Ruby is 3, I have been looking at that school on the internet for Ellie and I really like the look of it, so its good 2 hear that you like it and that your little girl is happy there. Sounds like ur all really settled and loving it. Thanks 4 a great inspiring post!

      Kelly, Gaz and girls



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