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    Thread: Go for it - life is too short!

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      Go for it - life is too short!

      My folks are arriving in Adelaide from the UK on the 2nd of June, 2010. (finally after 2 years). They come over on a parent contiributory visa. They cant sell their house in the UK but have managed to rent it out. My mate from Adelaide is off to Uk for a holiday as they arrive and has offered her house for them to stay in for 3 weeks, how lucky. I have now built a granny flat they will move into. When when they finally sell their UK home, in hopefully a years time, they will rent here in Adelaide (hopefully in a rental property I will invest in)
      They have gone through the mill to get here, jumped hurdles you couldnt imagine and are starting over at a late stage in their life. I have juggled things around and re-organised my family life to help.
      My message to all of you who are humming and hawing about making the move - I say go for it:
      "You are better regretting something you did do than regetting something you didnt do"

      Good Luck and lets hear from anyone else who has used determation to make the move - lets motivate those who are hovering on the edge.
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      Andrew Family
      You are so right. We recently lost some friends who died young after only being in Adelaide for just over a year, but do you know they enjoyed every minute of their time in Adelaide and raved about it all the time. When things like this happens it makes you realise that you need to live for today because you don't know what tomorrow holds. I couldn't agree more with your quote which is why my motto is 'nothing ventured nothing gained'.


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      Take a risk towards your goals whatever they are, who knows sometimes it will work out. But either way you have taken the courage of the risk which is important for future situation



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