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    Thread: PS3 - On-line issues

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      PS3 - On-line issues

      Can anyone please give me some advice on PS3 and if the online gaming will work if I bring one from the UK.....I know I might have some issues with games, DVD and Blue Rays but I'm more worried about the on-line gaming aspect


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      I believe that as far as games are concerned the PS3 is region free. So you shouldn't have any issues.

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      Thanks, I was more worried about not being able to go ON-Line etc

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      Games are region free so you are good.

      Blu ray region is the same in UK as OZ, but here are the region % if you buy from other region areas:

      Universal - 100% Region-Free
      Paramount - 98.77%
      Warner - 94.17%
      Sony - 76.70%
      Lionsgate - 54.84%
      Disney - 35.79%
      MGM - 18.52%
      Fox - 8.87%
      Others - 77.24%

      As to the DVD region there is a difference ( Europe 2, Australia 4 ) and the ps3 is yet to have a succesfull hack, however Datel will come out with a DVD Region X for the PS3 very soon I believe.

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      Thanks for the advice all good

      Sorry to harp on - the actual on-line gaming is only affected by the region of the disk ?

      If I have Call of Duty and play on-line when I move to Oz i will be able to play with local people rather than back to the UK ?

      Cheers Again - Mark

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      Yes you can, some have online regions to choose. Europe, Australia, US + Canada. ( although Europe shares the same online gaming servers as Oceania region ) so you are good. Its only Nintendo that blocks with its games and IP adress with servers that cross regions. However as said, Oceania region ( as its called with nintendo and sony) is on UK so it doesnt matter.
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      My son plays COD 6 all the time online here against players from all over the world from what I can make out, so I'm sure you'll have no problems! Taking him paintballing for his birthday this weekend so he can see what it's really like to have someone shooting at him!!
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      Thanks to everyone ;-)
      Just gotta book my tickets now ..... so i can try it for real.... LOL



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