Just thought I'd post and let others know about "how" to use the Pub Card, if you have one, at Mick O'Shaes.

The waiter behind the bar "enlightened" us tonight, as we thought we were getting points on our card at the end of the meal (we kept a tab open), by asking the waitress to swipe it along with our debit card.
We'd just spent $90 on food and drink but got NO points because the card has to swiped every time you order. ie; they don't add them up with all things purchased and do it in one hit.

I know you don't get many points for your dollar (I think its 1%) but as we go to Mick O'Shaes once or twice a month it all adds up and as they say, every little helps.

Just wondered if you all knew this rule and only I didn't in Adelaide (which could be quite likely..lol)
Judi x