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    Thread: Clothes shopping in Adelaide... how depressing

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      Clothes shopping in Adelaide... how depressing

      Is anyone else struggling to find nice QUALITY ladies clothes?
      I'm finding all the shops sell the same frumpy crap. Its making me all depressed. Back in the UK if i went shopping I'd bring home as much as i could carry, here i cant seem to spend my money :(
      Everything here seems to be of Primark quality, which would be OK if i could pay Primark prices but you cant!
      Don't get me wrong I love you Adelaide but you need a style fix!

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      I agree. High price, low quality. I just wait to shop until I go home once a year:(
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      How I agree too. I walked into Big W yesterday and just looking at the ladies stuff was so depressing - all drab colours/styles and poor quality materials. However, Jacqui-E do some great basics and there are usually some good offers on there too. I still miss Next and Monsoon...
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      Get it delivered from the uk!! M&S, debenhams, new look, and about a zillion other stores deliver to aus now :) no H&M yet unfortunately!

      Witchery is ok but totally overpriced. There are a few cool boutiques on Rundle Street that are quite good but that is really all ... delivery is my preferred option until i go home with empty suitcases and shop til i drop!!!!

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      I agree, there is nothing in the shops at the moment. I have attempted to look for something to wear as its getting cold and the shops only have short sleeved jumpers or frumpy ones. And if you are bigger than size 12/14, well its even harder to find anything to fit!

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      Last july i went back to the uk and was shocked at after 31/2 yrs thinking adelaide shops were crap, being very dissapointed with the english ones I was used to from before. I took an empty case to fill and managed not even half a case:( Stuff was the same there as here, about the same price at what i was looking at. The only thing that impressed me was M&S. (I only ever went there for bras before ) . I tried Next as everyone is always on about how great it is but it looked like a jumble sale or like TK max!!! Yuck!
      I found oz is not so far behind in fashion, only the season behind. My mum was just here and she said all the same colours are in the shops here as they were in the UK shops this winter just gone.
      Must admit it all seems to be grey, black, purple and teal ATM:(

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      I agree!! I am coming over in August and intend to do a massive shop and send it with the shipment before I leave!

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      I have not found that problem, maybe I am easier to please. I think yes there is some rubbish out there but that was the same as the UK.
      I like Big W, K Mart and Target but I don't tend to buy many clothes, mainly for the kids.

      When I was back in the UK recently, I did find it easy to shop and things were cheap but still of a reasonable quality. I think I found it easy because I knew where to go to get stuff I like. As for NEXT sales they can be hit and miss depending on the store and the day you go. The last one I went to was brilliant, wish I could go again but it's not going to happen for a while
      I don't want to continuelly buy stuff from the UK principally because I DON'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE.

      I hope with time that i find the shops I like and will know where the bargins and the tat is etc
      For now I am careful what and when I buy things and if I need the odd thing from the UK so be it. I want to intigrate more and buy more australian as that's the economy we live in now too.
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      Oh how I hate clothes shopping now!! I get clothes sent over from the UK didn't know new look shipped to Oz will look into that thanks.

      Bought a jumper from Big W only $20 bargain I thought, wore it once washed it by hand dried it flat looks like an old rag now Just iron some bits I've had for years from primark still in good nick. Dont get me started on kids clothes I now have Aussie friends who ask me to get there kids clothes sent over.

      But as you said still love it here xx
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      Its not just me wooohoooh!!!

      My mum sends me bits and bobs and i have been ebaying some stuff. I also had to do a big La Senza order as i found the choice of under wear shocking... (u can hardly get any g-strings or thongs here... everyone seems to like the VPL look!!!)

      I don't mind Dotti and some things in Myer in the City are good but no shops seems to be consistent. Not really feeling the Target clothes either.... Im only 22 i dont want to look frumpy and old!!!

      Has anyone else found any other shops that have been similar to England? I like River Island, H & M and Zara.

      I been looking to get a small leather jacket for the winter. It seems the PVC ones are $100-$200 here yet looking at ones on UK websites are 40 for real leather!

      oh well you cant have everything can you!!! Glad I'm not the only one moaning though!!

      bring back summer when all you need is a bikini!


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