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    Thread: Apology to Lib

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      cornish Busdriver

      Apology to Lib

      With Refference to the Clairvionts and religion Thread.
      Sorry Lib that you mis-understood my comments as they were not meant to be professionally and personally humiliating toward you.
      The comments i made were not meant or suposse to be or taken in any way of form as slanderous or as in any way or form intentionally a reflection on you personaly.
      Im sorry if you feel that they have and perhaps i should have written my message a bit more clearly so it wasnt so mis-understood.
      Im sure that you are a great treacher, its just a shame we did not get chance to talk about the good points and area's of religion as well.
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      Hi Matt

      I'm not sure what to say. On one hand I can see this is a genuine attempt to say sorry, and for that thank you.
      I'll end it here.



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