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    Thread: Telephone cabling

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      yeah we had guys dig trenches and turned out it was just conduit and i was worried that they were putting phone in as we havent arranged that-and didnt want to be stung for another extra cost. we had a letter from hickies stating that b4 gyprocking was done now was the time to get someone inand the quote for who they use was around $450+ (offthe top of my head) but have been advised that telstra still need to connect it and form others who i know that have built that cost $2/300 ontop so we aint got a phone line for now.

      sorry no help on people to use at the minute.
      Thanks for that everybody....


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      We are now in our 3rd new rental, and each time we have had to arrange for the phone connection to be made.
      We have found that the builder has always put in a piece of pipe and the piece of string to connect, but in our first 2 places, we had to get somebody through Telstra to connect the line and put up a connector box on the outside wall, before Telstra then came and did the connection.
      In our present place, Telstra sent some chaps along to connect, and they ran the cable in, put up the box, and then ran the cable to a point inside where we wanted it.
      In each case the Landlord has paid for the outside connection, and we have had to pay for the inside.
      One thing we have found with all 3 places, Testra are a nightmare to deal with, and getting the phone connected seems to take a long time to get organised, so give yourselves plenty of time, if you have it available.


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