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    Thread: water beds

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      water beds

      Anyone got one?

      Whats the pro's and con's of owning one?

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      I had a timber framed queen size for years and loved it. I got one with the most support in it so it was effectively waveless. They are great for warmth in winter and lovely and cool on those hot summer nights. They do 'slop' about a bit and take a bit of getting used to. I think the worse thing was putting on clean sheets as they are a bit of a bugger to get on the corners (use fitted sheets - I always used a size bigger than the bed). Also mine was set in a timber frame so was quite low to the ground; ensemble ones are much higher. Obviously they can't be moved once in situ because of the weight of the water, not sure if you can move the ensemble ones though. I seem to recall being told they only hold a third of the water of a conventional one. I didn't notice mine using any more electricity, and at one stage my daughter also had a queen sized one and even running two didn't notice any more leccy consumption. I did turn the heater off on mine during the summer months - once went for 5 months without using it! However if it does turn cold they take a good 24 hours to warm back up. The other thing is that you must use an algae control in the water every few months otherwise it goes really murky and horrible.

      Some people with bad backs love water beds - my hubby didn't. He tried and tried to get used to it but after 12 months we got rid of it and bought a very expensive latex pillow top bed instead. We decided to drain our water bed ourselves which was an awful job - much easier to pay the pro's to come out and do it. Also if you move you need to get it drained - and even when the bladder is empty they are devillishly heavy and bulky.

      That's all I can think of at the mo .......... hope it helps!


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      Sharon, thanks for that info.

      It's a big purchase into the unknown, the winter warmth appeals and the occasional back back i hope it may help with.

      Thanks once again



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