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    Thread: broadband availablity in seaford meadows

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      Hi all.
      We're moving to Seaford Meadows next week and been trying to sort broadband (family are threatening not to move unless we have it ( ? ). My previous experience (several occasions ) says don't touch Telstra with a bargepole (private or business). They have the monopoly of telecommunications so have installed a system down there which makes it almost impossible for their competitors to piggyback onto. There is no main exchange - they have installed a ' Rim Exchange ' which is a smallish feed-off with limited spaces. You can get a Telstra phone line installed and pay the monthly line rental and then get an adequate broadband service from a competitor. We currently have no phone line but broadband and Voip. This now won't be possible. The second alternative we have is a 3 mtr mast (I've been quoted) with a white (A5 size) box on top, to receive Adam's Wi-Max system. This is installed by Jims Antennas and comes with the in-house phone point and modem. The set-up costs are around $750 but you only need pay $200 for a 2 year contract. However, as Seaford Meadows is a Blackspot, the goverment will pay the installation fee. All equipment is assigned to that house and if you sell/move, it stays. I'm still gathering info regarding reliability/speed etc. Might be worth possibly knocking on a couple of doors of some 'friendly' neighbours who have this installed on their roof to gain their feedback.
      Ta and enjoy your weekend everyone

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      Quote Originally Posted by katsmajic View Post
      That must be a record for telstra.
      glad you got it sorted, HG is in a dither about our internet when we move to aldinga...panicking and cold sweats...lol
      I've been to Aldinga a few times and my mobile has completely refused to work there ! ! Sorry to scare you ! ! !


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