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      cold in adelaide

      It DOES get cold in Adelaide.

      Record looms, and shivers it's cold | Adelaide Now


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      Down to three tonight, it's been cold for a while now.

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      Warms up quickly though when the sun is out. Very pleasant in the middle part of the day. Still better than a UK winter!

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      Geordie Lad
      Better than a UK Spring, Autumn and Winter and beats quite a few Summer days too!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Geordie Lad View Post
      Better than a UK Spring, Autumn and Winter and beats quite a few Summer days too!!

      much better than last summer in the NW England it was drissley just about evey day of the kids summer hols was totally depressing but winter here no bother been out every day of the kids winter hols so far played tennis golf wandered shops and touristy stuff off to the choccie factory tomorrow its just a better way to live and no SAD this year vit D levels never been better and my winter coat has yet to make it out of the suitcase



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