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    Thread: On the edge of suburbia...

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      On the edge of suburbia...

      Lovely walk out with the devil dog this morning, birds singing, kookaburra laughing, maggies yodelling (or whatever that sound they make is called!), sun shining, blue sky..... then I spotted a lovely koala in one of the trees, just above my head height and really sweet... threw the ball in the river for dog to fetch, glanced up and there's a lovely red fox sitting on the slope opposite, hoping we won't see him! I know they hate foxes here, and put down poison for them most of the time, but this one was a real sweetie - and the ducks didn't seem all that bothered about him either (not known for their brains, ducks!)

      All this just twenty minutes from the city, couple of hundred yards from the nearest houses.... might be bloody cold at the moment, but sometimes it's a really nice place to live!
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Very crisp and clear this morning, lovely looking out over the bay to a calm sea (sigh).
      Coming back up from the airport you can see the smog building up - mainly from all of the woodburners iI reckon.


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