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    Thread: Tom tom sat nav !!!!!

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      Tom tom sat nav !!!!!

      Does anybody have any tips on how i can fix my Tom Tom Go720 !!!1 It wont connect to my computer and when i turn it on all i get is a pic of an SD card with a red cross on it !!!
      Any recomendations where to take it for repair or has this happened to anyone else and can talk me through it ??

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      is it not just a card fault? can you borrow another before taking it to pieces?

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      borrowed one for tomorrow. The SD card is a blank by the look of it. had no problems with it for the last 3 years until today !!!

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      Pretty sure you need to reset it.

      How to soft-reset my navigation device

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      Theres a pin hole in the bottom of them if you need to re-set em

      Are you saying the card has wiped it self clean? have you been near magnets again? LOL

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      Just an update, Got a new one today in harvey Normans. I paid $700 for mine nearly 3 years ago and said i didn't want to do that route again !!! ( get it ????)
      I didn't want to pay more than $250 and if in a few years i need to throw it away then so be it.
      They showed me the model above the one i had and its on special at the moment for $295 !!!! Its got Bluetooth and reads out text messages and has the latest up to date maps.
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