My brother has received this email at work, it was sent all round his offices in Russia - in light of the fires over there. Amazing what gets lost in translation and how other nationalities think....
(and im not dismissing as a serious situation)

Dear All,
Hope you all feel good in spite of bad ecological situation in our city.
Please note the recommendations of medical officers during these days:
Eat more tomatoes and blackcurrant, fish, drink much milk and green tea.
Try not to smoke. Passive smokers avoid smoky rooms.
If you have opportunity to go outside Moscow please do it. Do not go out in the period of high concentration of smog outdoors.
Do not raise dust and fill appt. with smoke:
- no candles and incenses
- do not vacuum
- do not use air-conditioner during the time of high concentration (exception if it has special HEPA filters)
Do not overstrain yourself.
In our kitchen you may find: milk, green tea, fruit jelly (it removes toxic substances from organism). Hope itíll help you.