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    Thread: 3 weeks in the Uk

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      3 weeks in the Uk

      Just back from 3 weeks in the UK, last time over there was in 96, so expected a few changes.

      Firstly flew with Singas, absolutely brilliant, not one complaint at all, flew on the big baby the A380 from Singa to Heathrow, no different to a 777, same legroom, same TV etc etc, except we sat upstairs. On the outward and return legs we had a 5/6 hour wait at Changi and booked the Ambassador Transit room for the wait, at $65 each time well worth it.

      That airport compared to Heathrow makes Heathrow look 3rd world, talking of, we thought we were in Islamabad instead of Heathrow, never seen so many PJ's and post boxes, thought there was a sleepover somewhere.

      Picked our car up, using Car Hire, Car Rental, Car Rentals, Hire Cars, Rent a Car - Compass actually they are a agent for Enterprise, got a new Astra 4 door with 562 miles on the clock, manual, not driven one of those since 96 either, had fun for the fist few yards!!! Exceptional service aswell all for $730.

      Second hand cars are soooooooooooooooo cheap.

      Spent our time in Colchester and Nottingham aswell as a couple of other towns, i had a near heart attack in one place.................a servo where it cost me around $100 ti fill up the tank, at sterling 116p per litre
      Noticed that shopping overall IS cheaper than Adelaide, sometimes by a LONG way, never seen so many BOGOF offers, unbelievable offers in places, beer in the shops is around the same price as here, BUT the cans and bottles are bigger 500mls, so thats cheaper aswell.

      Pubs, forgotten thats how we used to be, piss heads!!! Beer around 2.35 pounds a pint, but its so warm, couldn't drink the stuff now, stuck to the lager as it was cold !!

      Weather, now the beer was warm and the weather was cold, but used to it being the complete opposite here in Adelaide, the weather was CRAP, out of 21 days we had 3 full days of sun and 18 where it rained some part of the day, temp around 23oc at the hottest.

      Eating out, again so many BOGOF offers, but what you pay here in Adelaide you pay in pounds, never had any bad meals, but eating in oldy worldy pubs is just so good.

      The country side, forgotten about that part aswell, rolling hills, beautiful country villages will linger with me again for years, stunning.

      So i could go on and on..............could i live there again............YES...... if i could take my wage over there, have great all year round weather, i reckon i could, i even shocked myself when i took time out to think.

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      Welcome home! By the way, 23? Luxury!! Not been above 16 here for weeks and weeks...
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Welcome home Steve.:D
      It is interesting going back.

      Shame we can't have the good bit from each place!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by lynsteve View Post
      ...a servo where it cost me around $100 ti fill up the tank, at sterling 116p per litre...
      I won't miss that - not with a 140 mile commute every day

      Quote Originally Posted by lynsteve View Post
      ... the weather was CRAP, out of 21 days we had 3 full days of sun and 18 where it rained some part of the day, temp around 23oc at the hottest.
      and I definitely won't miss that either.

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