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    Thread: A sorry state

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      A sorry state

      This morning at around 830 my daughter on her way back from voting saw this elderly guy sitting by the road on the footpath having a smoke,
      I went out 30 minutes later he's still there having a smoke and a drink from a wine cask, he's obviously a alchi/tramp. I again passed him 1 hour later as did the 2 cop cars one in front of me and one in the opposite direction.
      We both go out later and he's still in the same spot doing the same thing watching the world go buy, we came back and he's now lying down across the path, so we gets out the car and the poor guys sleeping, but the sorry state of him, no socks,dirty,smelly, in a bad way, i asked him wheres he going, he replied waiting for the bus!!
      Then 2 other cars stopped also concerned, then 2 cop cars turned up as did a Ambo!!!!!!!! Yet the poor guy had been there nearly 5 hours and no one had stopped before.
      The cops found a ID of where he was supposed to be at Port Adelaide. he was actually of no harm to anyone, just i guess lost.
      Is this a sign of a sorry State or a sorry sign of people not caring these days?

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      This seems to be happening more and more often,
      I remember seeing in the paper a few months back, a man had died in his car in the city. I think they said it was a heart attack, He pulled to the side of the road and put his hazard lights on, before he passed away. it was 8 hours before someone went to see what was wrong and called an ambo.

      I think a lot of people are too busy or in their own little world to notice people in need of help, or don't want the hassle of getting involved.



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