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      Well we had our first run in with a kangaroo, just outside of Aldinga, on Friday morning on the way to work. We travelling in a queue of traffic when the other half slammed on the brakes, when I looked up Skippy was in the middle of road in front of us - had come between us and the car in front - there was no way we were going to miss it - the next bit is a bit of a blur but apparently it changed direction twice before landing on our bonnet and going diagonally over the wing - really thought it was coming through the windscreen!! The last I saw of it was it hopping along the other side of the road next to vines. We are all ok - son in the back never even saw it it happened that fast and was gone! Can't say the same for the car but time will tell, at the moment looks like we got of lightly with just needing a new bonnet and possible bumper.

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      Glad you all okay and only damage to your car.

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      Exactly the same happened to me in the UK (Essex) with a deer. Ran straight into the front wing of my car whilst in a slow moving queue of traffic, then ran off, leaving me with a big dent in the car (cost me 200 excess on my insurance!!). It was very scary!!

      My husband had a kangaroo jump out into the path of his coach when he used to drive Greyhound buses, on the way to Alice Springs. It caused so much damage to the coach door mechanism that it wouldn't open, so all the passegers were trapped onboard until the door could be taken off by the mechanic at the coach terminal.
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