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    Thread: Weirdo or desperate

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      Weirdo or desperate

      This is the conversation tonight around the dinner table;

      I walked over to the shops today and as i went through the car park a black ute stopped in front of me, so i walked behind it and as i got to the drivers side a voice said " absolutely fantastic body" The wife ignored it and went in between parked cars towards the bank, the ute appeared again and the voice said "you look bloody awesome", The wife thought, been a few years since thats been said and also thought, yo've not seen my cellulite mate and smiled walking into the bank.

      Daughter ( 21 year old );
      Geez he must have been desperate


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      Beauty in the eye of the beholder............... I won't continue as i have never met the missus - she may thump me LOL.

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      Must've been the bloke i encountered in glenelg last year...................

      24 year old boy, grabbed my backside, and offered to "take me home"!!!!!
      On informing my OH and the juvenile boy child, i recieved the " he maybe was drunk, and took up a bet"! response...............

      EGO well and truly deflated..........which does NOT make for a happy household, stevo!
      Your femile oofspring needs reminding, that, should mummy allow, she too will one day have cellulite..................
      and if its good enough for jerry hall, what ordinary woman should complain?????

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