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    Thread: I want to emigrate OH doesn't ...

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      Stop dragging your feet mate,we left Eccles Manchester in 78 to come here,back in 84 ,returned in 85,Ive threatened my wife that I will have her committed if she even thinks about going back again ,even for a holiday.The tudor style Worsley stunk of curries,Eccles itself had boarded shop windows,I was told it was for security purposes, and it was like living in a 3rd country.
      Our Govt seem to be acting as the UK is at the present,LIKE IDIOTS letting so called refugees come in by the boat load.but you are better off with the kids missing out on nothing
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      I always find it helpful to put yourself in the other persons shoes.If for example you had moved to Australia years ago,you were quite happy,had your family ect in Australia and life was ticking away fairly happily.and then your OH announced he was'nt happy and wanted to live in the UK,would you be willing to sacrifice your own happiness to make him happy?Have you held a family meeting about this move?I know you've validated ect but maybe its time to have a family discussion about where you all want to be?If your OH gets out voted,then maybe its time he atleast gave it his best shot in Australia.I appreciate you're in a difficult situation.If you do end up moving,like everyone has said,give it a time limit.Don't burn all the bridges,and that way either way,you'll win.Best of luck hon,and I hope whatever you decided to do works out really well for you.xx

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      Remember - it's only a day's travel away ! Recently my father was taken ill - we had been back to the UK in 2007 & 2009, so felt that we couldn't afford both the time or expense of going back to the UK. Fortunately he is fine now, and has supported us all the way in our decision to come to Australia.


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