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      Kids off for two months is too long..

      Help had enough of them now...

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      For me its not enough
      I love having my boys at home.......oh and not having to bust my arse getting them outa the door in the morning is a bonus too!:D
      Weez and the gang ;)
      Been here since sept 08 and have found 'home'

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      We just arrived on the 8th December and our two girls had already had two weeks off school because of the snow!! So as well as the length of time off and not knowing any other children. To say they are looking forward to starting school is an understatement!
      Not long now, countdown.. 5...... :)

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      We arrived on the 1st January...again my 2 had time off before Christmas for the snow and UK school holidays.

      Been pleased with the company and the help finding long term rental...but we will be moving into this on Monday (Aberfoyle Park) and I am now looking forward to them starting school and making new friends.

      Will be nice to get into a routine



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